late night fiction

I wish to live in boring times no need to turn on the news; no crumbling society since last I checked

I might sip something warm under my backyard trees listen to the leaves feel the cool breeze

I would think about beauty instead of misinformation campaigns; how to convince my parents they shouldn't believe everything they see

I might reclaim some time to do nothing at all

Sometimes usually when I have too much coffee I feel like I'm stumbling faster than I can catch myself the ground has tilted forward I have to p u s h a g a i n s t it no longer step when I want the hill pulls me down until I remember I can change the hill

Pages, flat, wide mossy teeth just the inside a gut storing leftover unnecessaries quickies of joy—now lard simple devices: a pen creation: create or conserve your energy? make some great shit that I can read in 5 years never know or care for its greatness now just give me a reason to live THEN, when I need it. creativity [excitement] constrained to a glowing screen world: send your leaves falling your cold into my bones your waves into my ears show me something again I can love.


2 more weeks

an open field of free choice, a goal in mind. a dog, a cat, and some things.

stay in the city? stay in the woods? whichever is more pretty.

Dr. Society misdiagnoses, prescribes me the wrong medicine.

so in two weeks I'm off it. medicating with dreams, sights, and a leap.

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE Eyes will still see and hearts will still beat With a title for the ensuing musings a purpose is suddenly clear watch a movie to distract from scatterbrained reality without an over-arching plot—motive sometimes only little chunks of life can remind that this can be as great as all the things you're afraid to be better than and a little motive theme single universal truth trumps in understanding trying to keep track of all the little half-truths that litter your brain


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